I’m Back :)

After a couple of months without giving a hell about this blog , i’m back !
I’m going to use this just to write what ever i want and just be myself ..
This week is going crazy and if you follow this blog and the channel , you will know that i havent posted in a week . SCHOOL WORK IS EVERYWHERE . I’m on 10th grade and i really want to have some good grades this term :S
Today i quite worrying and sad thing happened , so lemme just start this by saying that i have been doing youtube for about 10/11 months now , without any of my school friends knowning , BUT today one of my school friend discovered my twitter for the channel and followed me there , maybe for you this doesnt mean nothing but for me it did , and to be sincere i’m quite scared that he will tell everybody about ” my secret thing ” .. If they are good friends they will understand that it is a thing that i love and just support and not make fun :s I miss summer , i didnt give a damn about a thing , hanged out with my foreign friends and just had the best time ever . Test season is coming and i’m just sick of studying , i need a break .
I thinks that’s all for today , bye and be happy 🙂

I’m Back :)