December Wrap Up / January TBR

Hey Bookworms ! Happy  New Year .Today i bring you the books i read in the past month and the books i want to read in January.

I was expecting that December would be a better reading month but idk :p

Let’s get started with the Wrap Up ;


[1]- I read two books on my kindle: 

-Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thieft *5/5* stars

-Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters *4/5* stars

I will do a series review when i finish them all .

[2]- One Adventure on Christmas Break ( Translated title / Only on Portugal ) *3/5* stars


[3]-Pretty Little Liars *5/5*

[4]-Flawless *5/5*

Will review soon 🙂


And now for the January To be Read :


[1]-Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 

[2]-Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


[3]-City of Bones by Cassandra Clare 

[4]-Perfect ( book 3 Pretty Little Liars Series) by Sara Shepard

[5]-Diary of a Wimpy Kid 8/Hard Luck

And these are the 5 books i want to read in the first month of 2014 a.k.a January.

Tell down in the comments what do you want to read in January and have a good night.

Bye Bookworms 😀





December Wrap Up / January TBR

2 thoughts on “December Wrap Up / January TBR

  1. Vou começar com os livros emprestados: A Queda dos Gigantes (Ken Follet), um de uma rainha cujo título não sei de cor (vergonha) e Jesus Cristo bebia Cerveja (Afonso Cruz) e vou acabar de betar O Escultor (Carina Rosa) e depois logo se vê, mas estou inclinada para Bernard Cornwell e Tara Moore

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